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Here you find an overview of my current offering to engage with more life.

S-OU-L JOYneys

Embrace your JOYney

Group program to embrace the values of play and creativity and unleash your self-love and magnetize your life.

S-OU-L program

Your personal program to Reveal, Create, implement and integrate a new level of vibrant living

Your S-OU-L experience

A private retreat to breakthrough and embrace a new level of vibrant living


Creative Conversations

A weekly date with Life and Passion

Free community calls

Connect with Art

Body Paint Story Telling Experience

Thriving though Creative Expressions

How to thrive heading your Soul calling

Introductory workshop


HumanDesign Vibrant Living breakthrough coaching

Breakthrough limiting patterns with help of Human Design and coaching

Loving Presence coaching

Clarity session


Breathwork and emotional intelligence to shift an energy pattern stored in your body