Allow the Support of Collective Spirit to Guide You in Uncertain Times

I’m honored to be part of this group of gifted transformational leaders called Collective Spirit and am so excited to introduce you to them: Lori Raggio, Meredith Vaish, Robin Finney, Laura-Jean Anderson, Dr. Davia Shepherd, Dr. Laura Monk, Sandy Tomey, Manda Stack and me –Olivia Florian

Who is the Collective Spirit?

We’re a powerful group of who know firsthand what it’s like to participate in and facilitate powerful, transformational work. We came together in 2019 as part of a yearlong intensive coaching program through the guidance of Darla LeDoux of Sourced™. Through our own healing journeys, we have each stepped into our calling to bring you an offering of services to support you during this time of quarantine and social distancing.
We each hold a different set of tools that will help you make the most of your isolation time to emerge into a fun, new and inspiring place.

These offers are for you if…

• You’re feeling anxious or weighed down with the news and reality of what’s happening in this world.
• You’re looking for some extra support and guidance navigating these challenging times.
• You know the value of investing in transformational work, yet you’re weary to spend any additional money right now.
• You could use some guidance on how to best utilize your time and expend your energy.
• You are ready to work with someone who has a deeper sense of what’s happening in this world.
• You’re curious and interested in trying new or unique transformational sessions.
• You are inspired by the Collective Spirit and wish to explore how their services and intuitive gifts can support you in any season of life.

Get the clarity, love, and support you need…Now.

For a limited time, we’re each offering one of our signature services for a special price of $150. We each know the value of investing in and receiving transformational work. We also know that for many this is a challenging time financially. We wanted to do our part to offer a signature service at a reasonable price to support you during this time.
Choose which offer is right for you and let’s get started today.