“Fitting in is a short-term strategy that gets you nowhere. Standing out is a long-term strategy that takes guts.”

-Seth Godin

I invite you to color outside the lines to fully express the joy of being you and live the purpose that makes you alive and is fun!

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My work is focused on these values and Pillars






You are here to be Yourself – a unique expression of Source!

Olivia Florian
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About me

Recovering Ms.Sc. Mechanical engineer, I support you, men and women in embracing your unique cocktail of qualities and I especially love weaving your artist and your practical side together, so that you can expand and thrive while making the difference you aim for.

I help you to integrate all parts of yourself and expand your range of ease and joy so that you can enjoy the freedom to live as fully you, empowered to show up and act aligned with your deepest truth and purpose in life.

My mission 

My mission is to Wake up people, support you so you don’t settle for less then what your heart yearns for. I’m here to remind you of our inherent interconnectedness and the importance of celebrating the Gift of Life.

I offer you a safe and supportive container for you to expand and find resources towards your Dreams and your mission.

I’m passionate about working with people to discover, explore, expand, be more of themselves and thrive, creating the lives they long for themselves and the world. Knowing that all belong, I support those who feel different, marginalised or too ordinary to understand their special gifts.

My mission is to be a channel of Love. Empowering, loving all what is so that the resulting inner peace liberates your life force for what really matters for you and the world. Love of Life, Love of Self, Love of Sensuality, Love of the Journey and the people along the way.

My name is Olivia Florian and my purpose is to contribute to the shift to a more life supporting culture. A culture where everyone can bloom, contribute with their unique gifts to the world and awaken to their full potential.

In this way we create more harmony in ourselves, together and contribute to more Vibrant Living Life on this Earth.

Born in France, in Alsace at the border with Germany, I‘ve been living in Sweden since 2001 and enjoy the enrichment of the different cultures.

My inspiration sources

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If you are ready to make a shift and explore how you might start color outside the lines, book a call with me to get clarity around your next step and set an intention for you moving forward.

Or if you want to ask a question, use the form below to contact me. Feel free to write in English, Swedish or French!