“Fitting in is a short-term strategy that gets you nowhere. Standing out is a long-term strategy that takes guts.”

-Seth Godin

I invite you to color outside the lines to fully express the joy of being unapologetically You and live the purpose that makes you alive and is fun!

We all need times to ressource ourselves and reconnect with what really matters. One way is through slowing down and listening inside. With creative expressions, art as a therapeutic tool, we find our path to more life.

Join me for a creative connection with yourself!

Body Paint Story telling Experience

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About me

Ms.Sc. Mechanical engineer, nowadays embracing my artist side, coach and healer, I am dedicated to contribute to human beings knowing more their intrinsic value. I help people to appreciate their singular qualities, owning all the range of who they are so that they can thrive and shine and contribute to the Vibrant Living Life, bringing more harmony and beauty.

My mission 

My work and my life empowers individuals to follow their heart and soul guidance to manifest the more beautiful world our heart knows is possible (Thank you Charles Eisenstein for this title of one of your books that expresses that so potently 🙂 )

I support men and women (or however you define or recognize yourself) to love themselves more, freeing their energy and allowing them to bring more of that Love in the world.

I’m here to inspire you to fully express your uniqueness.
And live Fully, doing what inspires you.

I’m here to remind you of our inherent interconnectedness and the importance of celebrating the Gift of Life.

As a channel for Love, I bring our focus on the Love of Life, Love of Self, Love of Sensuality, Love of the Journey and the people along the way.

Born in France, in Alsace at the border with Germany, I‘ve been living in Sweden since 2001 and enjoy the enrichment of the different cultures.

My inspiration sources

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If you are ready to make a shift and explore how you might start color outside the lines, book a call with me to get clarity around your next step and set an intention for you moving forward.

Or if you want to ask a question, use the form below to contact me. Feel free to write in English, Swedish or French!