Body Art Expressions

•   Free your creativity
•   Enjoy playful exploration
•   Get in touch with more of your intuition

I’m inviting you to share a time of playful exploration of Body painting and discover what happens to your creativity when your inner child is invited to play.
This event emerges from my journey of unification where I’m inviting right and left brain, Emotional and Rational, Artist and Practical to a new dance for more fulfilling lives.

We will land together by sharing stories and movements to drop in and set our intentions.
From the theme that emerges we will play with body paint and taste what comes up in that experience and open up to what wants to be expressed.
Then we’ll close up the circle with sharing insights and impression while having some fruits.

What to bring:

  • All of you
  • Clothes that allows access to some skin like arms and legs (what feels comfortable and practical for you as we play with colors)
  • Optional: your favorit snacks or own body painting

No prior experience needed – Beginners and experienced welcome.

Material for body painting & fruit and snacks included

Registration by email to
Then when you received confirmation swish 1233498649
Max number of participants : 12

Place: Solvedenvägen 39, Norsesund, 44160 Alingsås – Sweden

Language: Swedish or English depending on the participants needs.

About Olivia:
Recovering Ms. Sc. Mechanical Engineer, I heal through 
help people through workshops and retreats to be Unified beings where practical and passion meet again to realize your dreams and create conscious communities.
I’m passionate about connection and integrity and empowering you by expanding your healthy ways of expression through art, movement and circling so you can be more of who you are and built the culture we all thrive in.

My work is about
Creating and supporting conscious communities
⁃ Opening to the path to the Whole of You Fully alive
⁃ Inviting more creativity
⁃ Own your sensual and sexual being
⁃ Experiencing more embodiment
⁃ Opening up to your spirituality
⁃ Aligning your life with your heart and passion