Purpose of this page

A place to save the branding color policy and fonts

Setting 2020-08-06

Pantone (universal coloring):


Bright Marigold Pantone Orange: #F28B18

Greenery Pantone: #81AA41


Apple green Pantone: #A1B43C

Buff Orange Pantone: #F8A910

2020-10: I’m looking for more vibrant colors like…

…the green text in the picture above

Color #0be312

Dark Turquoise #00CED1

For Emotional Intelligence icon

Emotional Intelligence

Change the icon color to Dark Turquoise

Very passionate colors – sacral color

The fonts Setting 2020-08-06

On the website are

Playfair Bold +


All the images on the website have been edited with an orange layout so we can use orange and green accordingly: Orange with all the imagery usedand green for call to actions such as sign ups and calls.

A white background makes the site clearer and more professional.

Update 2020-10

– Background watercolour “5 pillar snails” by Olivia

And pictures reverted to more vibrant original colors