Connect with Art

Connect to yourself through the body with art 🎨

Body Paint Storytelling Experience

In an intimate group, I invite you to meet yourself on a deeper level, beyond the mind. Invite your inner child to play and show you who you are.

Connect to yourself with body paint and explore the messages of your soul, your higher self.

A powerful way to transform limiting stories about yourself into more empowering ones.

There are two alternatives to experience this workshop:

In person Experience
  • Duration: 2,5h
  • All material provided
  • Hang after the session for a convivial fika
Virtual Experience
  • Duration: 90min
  • From the comfort of your home

No pre-requisites,

Play, create, be seen in all your aspects

Invite the inner child to play

Listen to your body and soul

Artist, coach, recovering engineer, Creative Evolutionary Catalyst I’m guiding you to embrace and unsleash your authentic creative expression, recognizing the perfection of who you are for your calling, with your inner Creative child as your ally. I’m inviting you on a journey of finding your authentic voice, your unique self-expression, more embodied and thrive.

If you want to integrate this experience in your retreats, courses, or gather your own group:

What participants say:

During the workshop, I felt that I was enough and that I am at the right place. The guidance felt very personal – thank you for that! ❤️ I appreciated Olivia’s calm and relaxed way. I felt very safe
I recommend this workshop for anyone who need a way to connect more lovingly with their body and themselves. -Ida Edsted –

I experienced that I could allow my firy energy to come through more. I appreciated how we talked about flow and Olivia’s invitation to be more intimate with oneself.
I would recommend this workshop for those needing to think less and feel more. -Frida

It was interesting to explore painting on my body and follow its shapes. It’s a playful and at the same time calm experience where I felt more present in the moment. I appreciated Olivia’s fascination for painting on the body, a painting that is ephemeral, not permanent. 
I would recommend this experience to those who wouldn’t otherwise really dare to paint. -Björn

During the workshop, I felt grounded and present in the now, allowing sensations to rise and insights to ground. What was new to me was that I felt the painting in new ways – in a physical way as well. I appreciate Olivia’s calmness and open mindedness, inviting creativity and insightfulness at the same time. I recommend this to everyone: we are to do more of this in our society. -Cornelia Christensen 

Such a beautiful way of experiencing my body and getting out of my head creatively!

– Jessica

I felt I can safely play and fool around with lovely colors and softness on myself, with great freedom and joy 💚, loosing my perfectionism and being in flow, experiencing new patterns. I felt much love for my body. It was new to me to feel a brush against my skin on purpose instead of incidentally 🧡 – Claudia

I discovered that I could allow myself to play. Being invited to playfulness was new for me. I appreciated how Olivia shared how she needed to paint beautifully and how she found body painting to loosen up. I would recommend that to everyone because it is powerful – Andrea

During the workshop I experience in me duality, polarity as two sides of one coin. It was new for me to explore with creativity and play. I appreciate Olivia’s peaceful guidance and eye contact. I would recommend this experience for those who forgot how to play. – Kai

I got the insight that fear in any form is the biggest obstacle to a good process and result. The setting of this workshop was very accepting and relaxing. It was allowing! I appreciate Olivia’s very calm, accepting and playful attitude! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to let go of fears, have fun and not analyze every step. -Olle 

Under this workshop I realized that I have a body I can honor and play with. I appreciated the freedom to create in the moment. To have permission to play with color on myself and do what I wanted. To combine painting and sharing and writing was much fun. It felt whole. I appreciated Olivia’s story at the start and her experiences that inspired me and gave me more understanding and interest in the workshop. I would recommend that to all people who are curious to connect more with their body. -Daniella

It was very empathetic of you to pick up the little child in me. I take with me to let go of control and dare to test more new. In this workshop I found a playful way to meet myself, my inner world and voices. I appreciated the time to land as we come, that you had cards pulled for us and that we could share our thoughts. Painting was playful och a new experience for me. You created safety in the group. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to come more in the present moment and let go of control. Thank you, Olivia for a fine experience 🙂❤️ – Anna

During this workshop I got aware of the importance of playfulness and the need to play more in our existence. You created a intimate trustful container with much space for personal exploration. I loved your introduction about why you do what you do and the balance between using cards to reflect and share as well as the creative practice. I would recommend this for people wanting to introduce more playfulness in their personal development. Thank you so much 😊 – Nadia