Take the Creativity challenge!

How important is creativity for you?

How many of you associate creativity to the richness of your life?

And still, how much space do you give to your creative expression?

How many times have you watch other people’s handcraft, artwork, creative expression and felt envy and shyness thinking of your own?

This body painting challenge is a playful invitation to allow yourself to try it out.

With my soft invitation and my loving witness to support your motivation engage in an exploration to befriend your creativity again

This challenge is designed to move through your conditioning of perfectionism that doesn’t allow mistakes or messes.  These are the habits that have been in the way of your joy of creating.

21 days challenge

  • an Inspirational booklet for your intention setting and your daily insights and weekly reflections
  • Your daily appointment with yourself and sharing with me
  • My daily cheering and feedback
  • A weekly reflection
  • At the end of the challenge, a integration session 45 min with me on Zoom for insights and next steps for you