Thriving through Creative Expressions

Online for 90 min – 25€

Is any of the following familiar to you?

  • You know that you cannot give from an empty cut, still you once more found yourself saying yes to your partner/child/client to take care of their needs instead of giving yourself space to replenish.
  • You constantly prove your value through hard work, using your exhaustion as a measure of honorability.
  • You feel guilt in indulging in pleasure and fun as you are conscious that you are already privileged.
  • You crave much more ease and flow in your life but find it difficult to trust that what you find fun and effortless is really valuable for your clients/others.
  • You have shifted a lot lately but haven’t yet let go of old ties, engagements or relationships that don’t serve you anymore.

I’ve been there. As a recovering mechanical engineer, I chose over seven years ago to follow my heart and realign with my values only to discover that I experienced the same pressure to prove that I was doing something valuable – working hard to create results, measuring success by some external criteria, getting exhausted as a way of justifying the value of what I was doing.

What has guided and supported me throughout the years is to reconnect to the calling of my Soul and move towards it while making a priority of caring for my energy first and opening for what nurtures me and makes me feel deeply alive.

For me it has meant to also make space to my creative expressions through playful artwork and expressions, while shifting my beliefs of what is valuable and trusting life more.

So I created this experience for you whether 

  • You made a big career shift in the past few years or are on the verge of doing so.
  • You have a dream, a soul calling you shy from.
  • You find your old ways of being interfering with the joy of heading the call.
  • You are ready to thrive rather than hustle.

Most people don’t take the step to address what’s in the way to their biggest vision and them moving towards it with more joy.

This experience is a step to reconnect you with your soul’s calling, it’s essence, knowing that you are perfect for it and give you an experience of how partnering with your Creative inner Child will help you unlock your confidence and joy on that journey, so you can shamelessly give priority to your wellbeing and having fun first and serve others through your pleasure and thriving.

online for 90 min – 25 €

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Olivia Florian is a cherished gem in my life! Her love and joy shine through the computer screen. You can feel her genuine compassion for all of us in her workshop, Thriving Through Creative Expressions. She asked us to think about how we box ourselves in unnecessarily. This opened my mind to new insights through a lightbulb-in-the-soul moment! 

Mary Ann Pack

I had the perfect vision during the guided meditation as to how my feminine expression energy wants to flow like a river, yet needs the flexible masculine structure of the river banks! As my energy ebbs and flows, I need the river banks to allow my flow to fluctuate and still support and guide me. The river banks are the expandable container to my feminine flow energy.

I used to fight and push against any kind of structure in my day. Now, I can embrace and value the structure that is right for me–giving me the freedom to flow and expand with gentle guidance!

If you are wanting to understand how your energy moves and what level of support you need to thrive, this workshop would be perfect to help you find balance! Olivia’s container of support gives you permission to embrace radical acceptance–something we all need and in our heart of hearts, desire. She holds the space for attendees to see all the possibilities in our lives!

As a spiritual medium and joy coach, I highly recommend everyone wanting to thrive to register for Olivia’s workshops and coaching.

Mary Ann Pack

Spiritual Medium, Oracle for “The Many” & Joy Advocate