Love your Weird Breakthrough

Breakthrough limiting patterns and make peace with aspects of yourself, strengthening your confidence with help of Human Design and coaching.

  • Do you feel pressure to be different, more extrovert, less sensitive, quicker in your decisions?
  • Are you seeing patterns repeating themselves and hindering you from moving in life as you desire?
  • Do you sometimes wondering why some behaviors don’t work for you?
  • Are you looking for more clarity in an area of your life?

You’re not alone. I’ve long felt out of sync with the expectations of our society to be able to make a decision in the moment. When I learned about my Human Design, I learned that my decision making is meant to happen over time, comes from a depth of seeing the situation from the different perspectives throughout my emotional wave.

Learning about my Human Design helped me to make peace with some of my ways of being and embrace the gift they bring once I choose to allow myself to lean into them instead of trying to be as others are. 

Time and again I have seen big a-ha moments for clients when they received their Human Design reading.

If you are someone who is creative, passionate change-maker, sensitive leader, who cares for life and knows that deepening your relationship with yourself and befriending more of your qualities is key for your aliveness and capacity to bring your gifts in the world and manifest your dreams, this package is for you.

If I hadn’t during the past years uncovered these limiting beliefs about what is valuable or a “correct” way of being and doing, I wouldn’t be able to stand in a whole new place in life, where I redefine my own rules that work just for me.

If you are ready to get unstuck in an area and view yourself and your path through a more supportive lens, here is what I have for you:

We examine an issue or goal in you life.

We look at your Human Design to give you insights around patterns and traits of yourself.

We explore the pillars of vibrant living to understand how they impact your life.

In this package you get:

  • One Human Design & Vibrant Living breakthrough session @90min
  • your Human design chart
  • One follow up session @30min
  • Action steps on your issue

Take a moment, breathe, tune in – Does it feel right for you?

In this case you can book your package here