Inspirational Interviews

I have sampled here a few of my guest speaking interviews for more inspiration about what is possible and how to introduce more joyful expression of our unique make up.

Color outside the lines

62 min

From mind to Body – enjoy the Journey

43 min

Are you Fully Alive?

58 min

Being an emotional authority

28 min

Balance your left brain with playfulness

29 min

October 10th 2020, guest on Mary Ann Pack’s Coffee and Convo LIVE! show. The topic of discussion will be Color Outside the Lines for the Vibrant Living of Life!! Exploring what will help us live free from fitting in and trying to just be “normal.” We are all unique and have unique gifts to share with the world! Who are you BEing? Are you living a myth or living authentically?

Tuesday 8th of December 2020, on Stephanie Munoz’s show


One of the biggest challenges is to trust that we will benefit from taking a moment to find our ground and resource ourselves. How to dispel the belief that we need to continue to work hard and figure it all out as a necessity and the only option and establish new ways that helps us thrive

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February 1st 2021 – Dynamic Thriving Podcast Ep.5. In this episode, we are discussing how to engage more creativity in our lives so we are open to living fully alive. No longer living by default in just surviving. Stop living in a confining box of normalcy. It’s time to design our lives with creativity and aliveness! Be who you were meant to be!

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Rebecca Tervo’s Beautifully bloomed podcast

Emotions are not bad. About 50% of the population is defined emotionally according to Human Design. 

Olivia Florian and I have a real discussion on being an emotional authority, and how it affected her life when she tried to keep her emotional wave locked inside.

In this episode:

  • Why she gave up her mechanical engineering career
  • What she thought success looked like
  • How Human Design was affirming to her
  • What her emotional wave is and how her acceptance of it has opened up her life
  • The type of creativity she brings into her work with clients

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In this interview we touched on how Left brain and Right Brain both need to be engaged to stimulate the creativity required for successful entrepreneurship. 

All this and more on this episode! This is an educational Interview from Ladies’ Power Lauch by Dr Davia Shepherd.

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