Loving Presence Sessions

  • Have you ever been lost in the details and the emotions of a situation?
  • Have you sometimes had difficulty discerning what you want and making a decision?
  • Do you ever question a decision you’ve made?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions it’s probable that you’re over rationalizing.

We all do that and have learn to justify and rationalize our choices.
We can easily get caught in the stories that we unconsciously tell ourselves about what’s is going on. All this can make it difficult to see clearly and we can get stuck in analysis-paralysis.

What if all you need is to give yourself space to slow down to quiet your thoughts, feel yourself and see with new eyes?

By slowing down, coming to the present moment and getting aware of our body, we can quiet our mind and access our wisdom.
You are the one knowing what works for you and you have all the ressources in you.
Getting present to yourself, hearing what you say, opens new perspectives.

Book a Loving Presence session to see through your situation from a higher perspective. In my presence you will explore what will serve you best.

During our Loving Presence session, you will have space to talk through what is present for you right now; any worries, concerns, inquiries, curiosities…that you would like more clarity around. In that space of presence I will support you in bringing forth your inner wisdom for what best serves you right now. 

What others say:

I was in a place of doubt about the « rightness » of my decision for my career. Before the session I was talking to myself without any helicopter view. The fact of telling exactly the same stories but being witnessed in it and without any agenda from Olivia, gave more space for a global reflection. I got aware of my body wisdom in what felt right or not.

I felt met and understood in my willingness of taking time for me … and I knew that I deserve it. After the session I decided to go further in my project, and I am still enjoying precious time for me and playing with the magic of the unknown.

Nathalie Depasse-Vangehuchten, Belgium 

My challenge was around my relationship to women. The session was very helpful to bring up clarity over my situation.

By working through it with you I could hear myself and get some feedback from you. And just getting it out of my mind gave it a voice and have you listening was very helpful. I felt liberated and dared to take my next steps.

These sessions would be good for anybody working through a challenge. It‘s like a dressed rehearsal before a performance: it’s scary enough to run on stage, but you can have a run up or a dressed rehearsal that helps you try it out and see if you want to tweak anything and then you can feel more comfortable about it.

In your grounding presence I felt that I could expose myself and feel free to be me and slow down. 

Chris, Canada

The challenge I was having was in relationship to my son.

I would recommend this way of working to anyone who had a problem to talk through who didn’t want advice but just wanted plenty of space to verbalise what was going on for them without interruption. Olivia is able to provide a free space without needing to talk a lot, interrupt the client, give advice, act as expert, tell the person what to do, or anything else that gets in the way of just having safe and unfettered space to ponder life’s events. 

Dr Laura Monk, psychotherapist and transformation coach @ http://www.drlauramonk.com UK