Magic session Experience instructions

Welcome to your experience!

  • Pick intuitively a piece of music, a song. Don’t overthink it. First impulse is usually good.
  • Set up your camera – if you have smartphone, it’s perfect for that – to be able to record a video, put the music on and move to the music in any way that feels true to you. Don’t overthink it. It’s not a dancing performance – whatever comes is welcome. If sounds wants to come through it is also welcome.
    Move for the length of you music (or max 5-10 min if it’s a longer piece 🙂 and notice what comes up: emotions, thoughts
  • Take time to journal about your experience and what came up
  • Send me the recording by following the link

It will lead you to a webpage from Dropbox where you can upload your video

Once I received your video, I will send you a link to my calendar to book the debrief session – Choose a date ideally between 3-7 day after the video recording. The session is about 60 min on Zoom.