“Step OUtside the Lines” program

What would be available for you when you fully embrace your creativity and your sensual essence and lived fully expressed in your work and life?

Sensitive leader, Passionate Change-maker, Conscious creative entrepreneur

This highly customised container of support to create lasting transformation is for you.

What would be possible when you…

  • Trust that your personal passion and your impact in the world are one and the same?
  • Embrace the crossroads you are currently feeling in your life?
  • Feel the stagnation in your work and allow it to inspire you to look within?

Are you sometimes experiencing a lack of vibrancy?

There are two ways to approach life: following the norms, or stepping outside the lines.

When you follow the norms…

  • You feel that you need to leave parts of yourself outside when you work, where you are in your community, always defined by roles.
  • You feel you are too much: too sensitive, too slow, too expressive, too sensual, too … fill in the blank with your own too muchness.
  • You do what you learned you should do to be a good person, appreciated.
  • You try to achieve success by others standard.
  • You give your best but you feel drained, depressed, flat, uninspired.

Is any of these familiar?

You’re not alone and that’s why I created this highly personalized container of support to unleash your creative self-expression and expand your pleasure.

You can spend a lifetime trying to make it work according to the Norms or you can take a leap and make your next steps toward more fulfilment today. 

With my guidance, presence coaching and support during your “Step Outside the Lines” program you will:

  • Connect deeper to your authentic desires and claim them instead of conforming to cultural norms.
  • Explore and expand your self-expression, liberating your creativity in your unique ways.
  • Access more life-force, feel turned on and presence in your body to engage with Life.
  • Befriend your emotions to connect deeper to your inner guidance and move forward in the pleasure and power of your greater confidence.

Hi vibrant, sensitive and creative being, my name is Olivia Florian, Creative Evolution Catalyst, LifeCoach, Artist on a trajectory of expansion of my unique ways where I reconcile my purpose with what I love the most.

This haven’t alway been the case. Recovering Ms Mechanical engineer I spent the first part of my life in the dominance of my rational brain and conforming to expectations and norms of what is practically achievable and acceptable.

I performed well in my engineering work, but by the end of the day, I came home drained and depleted. I faced anxiety and depression, wondering what was wrong with me?

I wondered how could I feel so unhappy when I succeeded according my family’s standards:

  • I had a concrete well paid job,
  • I had a beautiful place to live with my own family,
  • I had all these things that I learned were important to be happy.

So what was wrong with me? How did I dare not feel unhappy when I lived so privileged?



I left my corporate job and started my life opening journey, where the different aspects of my life started to come more and more harmoniously together.

New horizons I couldn’t image opened as I allowed myself to break out of the norms.

I followed the call of my heart, discovering and embracing the inner work that allows to transform the world, and I let my inner artist take space and be visible.

Today I’m speaking, expressing myself creatively through art and movement and see life through an expanded lens through which life flows more vibrantly. 

Are you ready to step out of your cage?

Imagine breaking free, connecting to your passion, finding reliable energy and being eager to engage with your day, doing the things that you love, creating “the more beautiful world your heart knows is possible” (Thank, Charles Eisenstein author and speaker for this phrase catching the essence of my inner knowing).

I am dedicating my life and work to help people just like you to believe in the whispers and cries of your heart, letting them being your compass to your vibrant expression in the world.

Don’t let old patterns dim you again.

The truth is that most people go around tolerating the discomfort and the flatness of their life, in disbelief of the possibility to live their dreams with ease and joy.

Without support to hold your bold vision, change is difficult to sustain in the face of life’s challenges. 

Permanent change is possible

Are you ready to shine in your true unique expression, free to be in the joy of your vibrant living self?

I’m here to help you and uncover the hidden treasures of your authentic expression.

I didn’t get here alone, and you will need support to walk that path. Millions of people long for more vibrancy in their life but stick to the norms because it’s more comfortable… but not you! ❤️

Why this program?

“Step OUtside the Lines” is uniquely designed with you in focus. It’s a powerful personal container of support to integrate and support your next steps in your new levels of vibrancy and confidence in Life, work and relationships.

The program includes:

21 week sacred container in 4 modules

Module 1 – Reveal

– Intention setting and goals (60 min)
– Vibrant Living pillars Assessment (60 min)
– Human Design assessment (60 min)

Calls planned with one week interval and one week integration
Module 2 – Create

– One Mini retreat – 3h – What are you creating?

– 2 coaching calls @45 min at 2 week intervals to take it further

Module 3 – Implement 

– Mini retreat – 3h -Implementation

– 2 coaching calls @45 min at 2 week intervals to take it further

Module 4 – Integrate

– 3 coaching calls to integrate and navigate what comes up as you do so

In module 2 & 3 you will be invited to use creative ways (paint, writing, collage, video – you set the limits 😉) to integrate our sessions and let our work together go deeper and nurture your unique expressions and connection to your deeper self.

Option: VIP S-OU-L experience retreat, can be added at mid program


Come and join me in South-West Sweden

If you choose to include a personal retreat in your program, I highly recommend that you book to stay 2 nights. Plan arriving the day before your personal retreat to give yourself time and space to settle and come out of your daily world. Then, preferably consider staying for a second night to give you space to integrate your experience and anchor what you created during the retreat.

or Online / at Home option

If traveling isn’t an option for you, the personal retreat can be experienced online from your home or from a place of your choice where you can give yourself full priority. In that case the retreat would take place over 2 days with a first session online followed with own time for assignments and we will close the second day with an second online session.

The application will lead you to schedule a call with me to see if we are a good fit for taking that next step in your more vibrant life.

This is for you if

  • you are ready to commit to yourself and your vision
  • you crave more lightness in your life work
  • You are ready to feel more alive and show up for yourself
  • You want to make a bigger impact in the world
  • You know there is more in your life than you express and you are ready to step up
  • You are ready to take bold steps
  • You are eager to feel more passion and satisfaction in you life and work

This is NOT for you if

  • You are not willing to invest in yourself
  • You rather blame circumstances then stand for your desires
  • You are looking for a quick fix
  • You are unwilling to look at your beliefs and change from the inside out

Your Bonus just now:

Receive an Intuitive Energy Draw 60 min session with its 45 min follow up session value 397€ to have a intuitive reading of what your soul is ready to step into, and boost your journey forward

Here is what one of my clients says:

Watch Robin’s testimonial 🙂

Testimonial: Robin Finney, WanderingAunt.com