Tantric Cacao

Sensual exploration and Cacao ceremony 

Co-lead by Olivia Florian and Pan Ekbäck

How many of you could do with more pleasure and joy in life?

Book time with yourself and your pleasure and your heart’s deepest longing

This workshop is for couples and individuals.

You are invited on a journey of self exploration in connection with others.

if you come as a couple, you can use the practices for deepening or renew your intimacy.

As an individual you will find more intimacy with yourself and others to explore a higher awareness of your relation to your body and your pleasure.


Why do we use the word erotic? Because erotic comes from the Greek definition of Life force, Eros. We intend to explore and connect deeper to our life force through pleasure in meeting ourselves and others.

You will be invited to meet in a tantric spirit: with deep presence to yourself and the others, without forcing anything or avoiding anything, honoring yourself, allowing what is and resting in the energy.

Your sexuality is deeply linked to your creativity and your self-expression in the world. There is life force waiting to express and support you in your journey.

This is an invitation to taste the feeling of expansion when you own this part of you and give it space to express and be seen.

With guided practices on your own and in meeting with others (if you come as a couple you chose anytime whether you want to do the practices together or with others) you will be invited to explore you connection to yourself, the body, the others, explore and expand your erotic self.

In the second part you will be guided in a cacao ceremony to expand your heart even more and connect to the greater wisdom of the cacao.

This a drug-alcohol free event

Clothes on all time

10.45: Doors open 

11.00: Doors closes – Opening Circle

13.00-14.00: lunchbreak

17.00: Event closes

book your place by sending an email to Olivia at  olivia@vibrantlivinglife.com

When you get a confirmation, complete your registration by swishing your paiement to 1233498649

Questions? email at olivia@vibrantlivinglife.com

Your booking isn’t complete until you’ve paid for your ticket!

Max number of participants : 20

No refund!

What to take with you: 

⁃ Clothes you feel comfortable to move with

⁃ Take your own cup with you for the cacao ceremony

– Come fresh showered and without strong perfumes 

Language: Swedish or english depending of attendees needs

About Olivia:

Recovering Ms. Sc. Mechanical Engineer, I now help people to love and express more of themselves where practical and passion meet again to live your dreams and create conscious communities.

I’m passionate about connection and integrity and empowering people by expanding our healthy ways of expression through art, movement and circling so we can be more of who we are and built the culture we all thrive in.

My work is about

Creating and supporting conscious communities

– Opening to the path to the Whole of You Fully alive

– Inviting more creativity

– Experiencing more embodiment

– Opening up to your spirituality

– Aligning your practical life with your heart and passion


About Pan:

I, Pan are devoted  to creating safe space so that we can access our highest potential. I am a Humanecologist, performer, ceremony holder, drama pedagogue, poet, improviser, coach, hugger, lover of consent, spiritual practitioner.

I would like to invite you on a journey of self exploration.

The many tools that I use is rooted in shamanic practices, body work, drama pedagogy, tantra, play, meditation, physical theater, group dynamics, dearmoring and improvisation. 

With these tools we might create oppertunitys in our shared space to discover, rediscover and recover our inner forest and what is needed there. When we feel safe we can softly open, just like a glade in the woods.