Time to Dream Again

When was the last time you asked yourself what kind of life you want to live and taken time to reflect and let it be revealed to you?

What would be available if you had a clearer vision, more centered in where you are now in your life?

Here is my invitation for you to Reconnect to you Vision, your North Star to guide you throughout the year to live your purposeful dream life

Life goes in cycles: Visioning, plan, act, reflect, visioning again…

As the winter comes, the energy of the year ask us to slow down, go more inward and reflect. Let the learnings from the Year land in you.

It’s a time to contemplate where you are, and if you are still in contact with your truth. Are the goals still true, what has changed, what’s new, what is still true?

From the place you are now, how does it look like to live the purposeful life of your dreams?

Virtual Retreat – January 11-12th 2020

We gather online via Zoom with 3 sessions where we land together and get guided in different practices. Between the sessions, you have tasks to do on your own to craft your vision.

What you need

An internet connection and a device you can connect with on Zoom with both sound and video

Time reserved for yourself during the whole retreat, both for the online sessions and for the tasks in between.

Paper, pencils, paint, pictures, journal

A Quiet environment


We gather 3pm CET (9am EST/ 6am PST) with last gathering 9pm CET (3pm EST/ noon PST) both Saturday and Sunday

Your takeaways

Reconnection to your souls desires

Clarity to navigate and make more aligned choices throughout the year

A tangible picture of your heart’s desire

Your next steps