Embrace your JOYney!

Embrace your JOYney! – Play and Create

In our culture we tend to be way too serious, preoccupied by what others might think, hiding behind a facade, delaying our pleasure and joy until we achieve our goals and results.

Life is happening now and is constantly and magically unfolding if we are present to receiving it. 

Play – Curiosity – Creativity – Unapologetically You

These are energies we can cultivate for us to thrive and become magnetic and aligned with our life purpose. My invitation to you is to feel truly alive and enjoy the journey called life.


Once more you see on your shelf the brush set you gifted yourself last fall. Still unpacked, waiting for you and you feel a bit heavier as you turn back to your desk to work, telling yourself that first you need to get this new blog post out in the world and see better results in your business before you can afford to indulge in colors and play.

You have heard the message so many times that the energy you are in matters more than anything else for the results you get. And that the joy is not in having reached a goal, but constantly moving towards it, in a blend of going for your long term dreams and allowing immediate pleasures and joy. Because the journey never stops, how can we enjoy and be more in the joy of the process?

Still you pull away from following your instant joy and do more of what you love. And your brushes are still in their blister.

You’re not alone

I’ve been there and even with my clear awareness that my creativity is important to me and a deep source of joy and connection to my inner world, I need to remind myself that creativity provides me a sanctuary where I don’t need to perform or drive toward any specific results. Just be present and allow life to happen.

I have been on the serious path, as an engineer, doing what I learned to consider to be “serious work”. And after a wake up call to follow my heart more, I still continued to justify my lifestyle through working hard and proving that I wasn’t “just” having fun. Who was I to just have fun when so many around me were suffering and in lack of love, health and purpose?

That mindset led me to depression and anxiety. One day my therapist invited me to draw and this session shifted my view on my creativity. It was a way to connect with my inner truth.

From the inner wounded child…

… to the Divine Parented Child ❤️

A new relationship began to take form, grow and expand, connecting to more joy and inviting my desires and my joy to be take more space in my life.
That why I created this group program for you.

This is your time

You may have a creative outlet like painting, writing, singing, dancing or you may still be searching for your creative outlet. 

But you know that you are ready for more life, more vitality and joy.

You have already experienced that you need to be ready to look inside rather than pointing at outer circumstances for your happiness and wellbeing. 

Enrollment for the program is currently closed. If you’d like to be notified when the doors reopen, please join the wait list. We’d love to have you join us 🌟

Permanent change is possible

The truth is that many settle for less than their true joy. It takes commitment to create real change and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the different containers of support, mentors and communities that I joined on my journey. 

You’re invited on a JOYney!

Through deep conversations and invitations to create, we will explore the benefits of playfulness and creativity, be curious as we meet life and show up more as unapologetically ourselves.

In these co-created conversations, you are invited to shift your mindset, explore what works and comes in the way, lean into the support of others, let your voice be heard and enrich the community.

During our time together you will

  • Develop and practice regular self-care practices
  • Give space for your creativity and expressions and allow the joy it brings you to be part of your daily life
  • Increase your vitality by choosing more what nurtures and lights you up

In this 4 month online group program

you will get:

  • 8 live group calls on Zoom @90 min 
  • 8 Creative integration practices
  • A new theme each month
  • Downloadable recordings of our calls
  • A community of support with a private space to share your questions and insights, reach out for support
  • One private session with me to support you personally on your journey
  • Access to the monthly ”Connect with Art – Virtual” playshop during the program – a time to connect deeper to yourself with body paint

We are all different and work best in different conditions, so you will find 2 options of private support you can add directly or anytime you choose to your group experience to get the best of our time together.

Find out about it in the enrollment page.

Limited amount of places !