Workshops and Retreats

Sensual exploration and Cacao ceremony 
This workshop is for couples and individuals.
You are invited on a journey of self exploration in connection with others.

A combination of Tantric meetings and Cacao ceremony

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  • Free your creativity
  • Enjoy playful exploration
  • Get in touch with more of your intuition

In this workshop, in a playful way, let yourself be seen and express more freely and powerfully who you are.

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Dare to Believe – an introduction workshop

  • Is playing safe costing you your dreams?
  • Are you feeling split when you think of your passion and your life?
  • Is your career not catching your attention anymore but you can’t figure out what to do next?
  • Do you sometimes hide who you really are?
  • Do you hold back because you fear being hijacked by your emotional side?
  • Do you have gifts you never really fully shared with others?
  • Get inspired in this 3 hour live workshop and get a glimpse into the possibility to really do what your heart calls you to do.
  • Access more of your joy and life energy as you step into more of you.
  • Gain more freedom by being more of your authentic self
  • Open to the fullness of life as you reconcile your artist with your practical side.

Vibrant Authentic Your – Deep transformational Retreat

  • Get started toward your more aligned, authentic and passionate life where all of you is part of the play.
  • Integrate a part of you that is ready to come out of the closet.
  • Befriend your emotions and expand your range.
  • Take steps to align your lifestyle and career with your heart and soul longing
  • Discover how to integrate what you really love in your life mission. 
  • Get a taste of your super power with your artist integrated with your practical side
  • Make your voice strong and clear when you have all you with you.
Image by Olivia Florian
Dare to be seen as who you are ❤

Come and meet other passionate beings ready to take next step in their life.

  • 2,5 day intensive transformational retreat in an inspiring environment.
  • Intention setting group call before the retreat.
  • Community in a private Facebook group for support and continued journey

Where and when?

Get informed when these events come up or ask for more information:

Communicate in English. French or Swedish as you prefer!

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