Who needs to hear about true Leadership?

Who needs to hear more about the infinite game we are in and the true leadership that is needed?

The infinite game is the name of the game for business, for life.
Leadership – true leadership is needed at all levels, individually in our personal lives, and collectively to lead the way with our organizations, institutions, reinvent them to serve all of us, all of life.

I love Simon Sinek’s work on these questions, putting words on what I have long sensed. Through his work I discovered a passionate part of me for leadership I wasn’t fully aware of. Because I don’t resonate with many of the managements in place instead of true leadership. Leading for a Cause, the greater good of all, as our hearts and souls call for.

And when I reflected over that emerging passionate leader part of me about a year ago, I also came to remember that it’s been with me for a while. That Debbie Warrener’s courses “Inner Leadership for Outer Change” were a one of the first sights of a leadership I could resonate with. Some years earlier it was “The Circle Way” that I came across, another invitation from life to redefine and understand leadership in it’s noblest way, in service to life, as a part of each one of us.

So leadership has been calling for being rediscovered and explored in a more life giving way than many established managements and powers. And it is tugging at me, asking me: who needs this? Where, in which ways can I serve with these wisdoms, courageous leadership?

Where do you see the need of true courageous leadership? And what kind of support is needed? To whom?