Who needs to hear about true Leadership?

Who needs to hear more about the infinite game we are in and the true leadership that is needed?

The infinite game is the name of the game for business, for life.
Leadership – true leadership is needed at all levels, individually in our personal lives, and collectively to lead the way with our organizations, institutions, reinvent them to serve all of us, all of life.

I love Simon Sinek’s work on these questions, putting words on what I have long sensed. Through his work I discovered a passionate part of me for leadership I wasn’t fully aware of. Because I don’t resonate with many of the managements in place instead of true leadership. Leading for a Cause, the greater good of all, as our hearts and souls call for.

And when I reflected over that emerging passionate leader part of me about a year ago, I also came to remember that it’s been with me for a while. That Debbie Warrener’s courses “Inner Leadership for Outer Change” were a one of the first sights of a leadership I could resonate with. Some years earlier it was “The Circle Way” that I came across, another invitation from life to redefine and understand leadership in it’s noblest way, in service to life, as a part of each one of us.

So leadership has been calling for being rediscovered and explored in a more life giving way than many established managements and powers. And it is tugging at me, asking me: who needs this? Where, in which ways can I serve with these wisdoms, courageous leadership?

Where do you see the need of true courageous leadership? And what kind of support is needed? To whom?

Life balance

How do we stay resilient and how do healthy masculine and feminine energies reconciled look like?

How life is taking unforeseen turns!

This video from a year ago on the topic of balance between feminine flow and masculine structure is so juicy and seeing it today as I recently came back into the corporate world, I see how this is a very actual theme for me. Ifind myself challenged in my balance, struggling to find a new way of being where my feminine essence is both nourished and also invite the masculine goal oriented doer in me to breathe and remember why I’m here.

After a few weeks connecting to the goodness and the potential of bringing more of what lights me up : to contribute to the change in the world I want to see, I am challenged, experiencing old ways of being in a similar environment to the one “back then” and wondering how to create balance, ease, and take care of this part of me that get caught in the stress and rush in the work culture and that is afraid when she doesn’t have all the answers to what is presented to her.

Obviously the difficulties I meet are beyond balance of masculine and feminine energies. It’s also trusting to slow down when everything seems to accelerate and push. Trusting that by pausing and not doing for a moment will allow me to see more clearly. And trusting that I can handle what is presented to me even if in the moment the amount of information feels overwhelming and I have no idea yet about the way forward.

I’m writing about these chalenges I face and my unhealthy ways because once again I’ve got aware that I mostly share with you when I am in a place where I feel good enough and when inspiration is back. That’s quite natural but it also participate to a faulty idea that all is only well and under control for me when it is not. And I don’t want to feed anymore the myth of having everything under control or feed the pretending shiny surface that so many present on social media letting each one of us feeling inadequate when life is challenging.

So I’m challenged and out of balance. Having top much activities, doing, and not enough down time. Not even willing to fully choose down time because I feel the urge to compensate for the non inspired draining hours. Not willing to listen until my body doesn’t allow me to continue and imposes me rest.

I’m grateful that I see it and know that this strong contrast is calling me to change my behaviors. To change my beliefs and change a narrative that no longer serves me. That there is always a way. And that I am learning all the time and I can celebrate how much I already have grown.

Letting go
Just be

And Trust, in Life, in myself and reassure the young one in me – everything is always working out for me.

This was the Creative Conversation we had on the topic of reconciliating feminine flow and masculine structure. Enjoy and share what resonates with you 🧡

Dance of Life

Don’t get lost in possible future outcomes
Life is a process to be experienced
Here and now

Dance of Life
Dance for life

A pursuit with no end
A practice in our joy

Life is a dance
Where every step

The meaning
The joy
The fulfillment
In the dance
Is its execution
Its expression
In the moment
In the present

A process
To be enjoyed
A present in the Now

As we practice
The Dance of Life
It changes
It evolves
It beautifies
And refines

A movement
Passed on
From one player to another
In a pattern
Bigger than ourselves


Your steps are so appreciated

Olivia Florian (C) 2022


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New day, new life

Every day
we have a choice
To choose Light, Love, Joy, Courage

New day, new life
New possibilities

The sun is up
I’m waking up
To light
To beauty

New day, new life
I choose
New possibilities

What I want to bring
Who I want to be
What I want to seed


Breathing in the potential
Loading with curiosity
I enter the day

What’s possible?
What joy is brewing in the here and now?
Plugging into the sensual of the body
Feeling every cell vibrating
Of Life
Connecting to the Present
To the Now
Open, receptive, ready
For this new day

Olivia Florian (C)


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Sometimes it is more difficult
To see and feel the beauty
Of being and living just where you are now

Remember love
Remember who you are 

Remember why you came 
In the first place

Remember to be love
Remember to be who you are 

Remember what you came to be in the first place 

Remember to see love
Remember to see who all really are

Maybe your circumstances 
Make it difficult to see 
Maybe your situation 
Makes it difficult to feel 

That there is love
That you can be love
That you can choose Love

And still it is always your choice

❤️ I’m with you ❤️

Olivia Florian (C) 2022

#poetry #selfexpression #artexpression #innerwisdom #higherselfchanneling #compassion #selflove


Melancholy has a bad rep
Melancholy is just a phase
A moment to love yourself
Knowing you’re OK and it will pass
As everything else

How does it look like
To receive a loving command
How does it feel
To deliver a loving command

Your are not
In a place
Of receiving
You are 
In the clouds 
Of melancholy

What does that place ask from you?
Is it being heard?
What happens as you push?
Does it feel better?

What happens when you pause?
What do you notice?
Maybe a pain
Maybe a tension
Who wants attention

What does it tell you?
What does it need?
What would happens if you
Allowed it to be
Just the way it is right now
No pushing away
No walking over it
No pitying
Just listening inside
Without force
Nor demand
For the child
To come
In its own timing
Maybe it won’t come today
Just be there
Come back 
Gently present
Loving her

Your are Ok just as you are ❤️

Olivia Florian (C) 2022

#poetry #selfexpression #artexpression #innerwisdom #higherselfchanneling #compassion #selflove #melancholy 


Free yourself, Free your energy
By living Life
On her terms

Accept, to empower yourself
Accept what is as the base
From which
You choose your response

Accept to stop loosing energy
On what you can’t control
On what was never meant to be
In your control
On what Life’s own higher intelligence
Is offering 

Accept to let go 
Accept change as a intrinsic part of Life
Accept disruption and chaos
As the creative forces
That bring the new
And make space
For the unborn you are calling in

Accept uncertainty
And lean in the knowing
Of a benevolent Universe
Calling out the best
Of who you are
Conspiring beyond your imagination
For you

Accept that Timing
And Form
Are out of your control
Accept that your role
Is holding the Vision
The Direction
And consistently 
Take steps
Towards it

However long
However short
It will take
In whichever form
From whichever source
It will come

Life is never as you planned 
And That is a Gift 💝 

Olivia Florian (C) 2022

#poetry #selfexpression #artexpression #innerwisdom #higherselfchanneling 


An invitation to all creators:
You are a creator
Give yourself permission

Over the surface

Over the surface
Like a cloud
Obscuring the sky

When you write
You just want to enter
The flow

However you’ve chosen
To enter it
What really matters
Is to enter
The flow

To allow creativity
To take over
And marvel

To invite beauty
To evoke 
The Soul

No matter what you’ve chosen
To open the door
Allow the flow to have its own life

Don’t let the powder
Of a thought
The light of the pure flow

Bounce back

No judgement
Just permission
And trust
That what is
Is just right

💨… powder …blown away  ✨

Olivia Florian (C) 2022

#creativitychallenge #artexpression #poetry #innerwisdom#structureandflow #writingchallenge 

The Voyage

Loud warm
A bit too tight
You’re ready

The urge is here

Too small is the place
That was home
Too small is the space
That was safe

The movement starts
The world’s

You’re squeezed
And pressured

The movement begins
And it feels even more
Even more
To be here

You glide
You’re stuck
You’re stretched
This seems to be
The contrary
Of what you seek

And the pulsations
Continue to come
And the pulsations
Continue to propel you

And in one last squeeze
The world changes
All much sharper

Your lungs expend
Receive air
For the first time
Shaking you
Into a new

You’ve started
An incredible

Welcome ❤️

Olivia Florian (C) 2022

#innerwisdom #poetry #artexpressions #enjoythejourney