Free yourself, Free your energy
By living Life
On her terms

Accept, to empower yourself
Accept what is as the base
From which
You choose your response

Accept to stop loosing energy
On what you can’t control
On what was never meant to be
In your control
On what Life’s own higher intelligence
Is offering 

Accept to let go 
Accept change as a intrinsic part of Life
Accept disruption and chaos
As the creative forces
That bring the new
And make space
For the unborn you are calling in

Accept uncertainty
And lean in the knowing
Of a benevolent Universe
Calling out the best
Of who you are
Conspiring beyond your imagination
For you

Accept that Timing
And Form
Are out of your control
Accept that your role
Is holding the Vision
The Direction
And consistently 
Take steps
Towards it

However long
However short
It will take
In whichever form
From whichever source
It will come

Life is never as you planned 
And That is a Gift đź’ť 

Olivia Florian (C) 2022

#poetry #selfexpression #artexpression #innerwisdom #higherselfchanneling 

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