Dance of Life

Don’t get lost in possible future outcomes
Life is a process to be experienced
Here and now

Dance of Life
Dance for life

A pursuit with no end
A practice in our joy

Life is a dance
Where every step

The meaning
The joy
The fulfillment
In the dance
Is its execution
Its expression
In the moment
In the present

A process
To be enjoyed
A present in the Now

As we practice
The Dance of Life
It changes
It evolves
It beautifies
And refines

A movement
Passed on
From one player to another
In a pattern
Bigger than ourselves


Your steps are so appreciated

Olivia Florian (C) 2022


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New day, new life

Every day
we have a choice
To choose Light, Love, Joy, Courage

New day, new life
New possibilities

The sun is up
I’m waking up
To light
To beauty

New day, new life
I choose
New possibilities

What I want to bring
Who I want to be
What I want to seed


Breathing in the potential
Loading with curiosity
I enter the day

What’s possible?
What joy is brewing in the here and now?
Plugging into the sensual of the body
Feeling every cell vibrating
Of Life
Connecting to the Present
To the Now
Open, receptive, ready
For this new day

Olivia Florian (C)


#selfexpression #artexpression #innerwisdom #higherselfchanneling #potential #choice


Sometimes it is more difficult
To see and feel the beauty
Of being and living just where you are now

Remember love
Remember who you are 

Remember why you came 
In the first place

Remember to be love
Remember to be who you are 

Remember what you came to be in the first place 

Remember to see love
Remember to see who all really are

Maybe your circumstances 
Make it difficult to see 
Maybe your situation 
Makes it difficult to feel 

That there is love
That you can be love
That you can choose Love

And still it is always your choice

❤️ I’m with you ❤️

Olivia Florian (C) 2022

#poetry #selfexpression #artexpression #innerwisdom #higherselfchanneling #compassion #selflove


Melancholy has a bad rep
Melancholy is just a phase
A moment to love yourself
Knowing you’re OK and it will pass
As everything else

How does it look like
To receive a loving command
How does it feel
To deliver a loving command

Your are not
In a place
Of receiving
You are 
In the clouds 
Of melancholy

What does that place ask from you?
Is it being heard?
What happens as you push?
Does it feel better?

What happens when you pause?
What do you notice?
Maybe a pain
Maybe a tension
Who wants attention

What does it tell you?
What does it need?
What would happens if you
Allowed it to be
Just the way it is right now
No pushing away
No walking over it
No pitying
Just listening inside
Without force
Nor demand
For the child
To come
In its own timing
Maybe it won’t come today
Just be there
Come back 
Gently present
Loving her

Your are Ok just as you are ❤️

Olivia Florian (C) 2022

#poetry #selfexpression #artexpression #innerwisdom #higherselfchanneling #compassion #selflove #melancholy 


Free yourself, Free your energy
By living Life
On her terms

Accept, to empower yourself
Accept what is as the base
From which
You choose your response

Accept to stop loosing energy
On what you can’t control
On what was never meant to be
In your control
On what Life’s own higher intelligence
Is offering 

Accept to let go 
Accept change as a intrinsic part of Life
Accept disruption and chaos
As the creative forces
That bring the new
And make space
For the unborn you are calling in

Accept uncertainty
And lean in the knowing
Of a benevolent Universe
Calling out the best
Of who you are
Conspiring beyond your imagination
For you

Accept that Timing
And Form
Are out of your control
Accept that your role
Is holding the Vision
The Direction
And consistently 
Take steps
Towards it

However long
However short
It will take
In whichever form
From whichever source
It will come

Life is never as you planned 
And That is a Gift 💝 

Olivia Florian (C) 2022

#poetry #selfexpression #artexpression #innerwisdom #higherselfchanneling 


An invitation to all creators:
You are a creator
Give yourself permission

Over the surface

Over the surface
Like a cloud
Obscuring the sky

When you write
You just want to enter
The flow

However you’ve chosen
To enter it
What really matters
Is to enter
The flow

To allow creativity
To take over
And marvel

To invite beauty
To evoke 
The Soul

No matter what you’ve chosen
To open the door
Allow the flow to have its own life

Don’t let the powder
Of a thought
The light of the pure flow

Bounce back

No judgement
Just permission
And trust
That what is
Is just right

💨… powder …blown away  ✨

Olivia Florian (C) 2022

#creativitychallenge #artexpression #poetry #innerwisdom#structureandflow #writingchallenge 

My creative journey Part 1 – Beyond the mind

More often then not, our innate gifts are not seen, valued or validated as we grow up. Your gift might not express in an artistic way, so feel free to replace art by your own gifts or abilities and see how my story resonates with you.

Today, I present myself as an artist and healer, recovering engineer. It’s only been in the recent years that I began to play with the idea that maybe, in some way, I am an artist. It took explorations and support from mentors, coaches and peers for this sensitive, vulnerable part of me to dare to claim her place in life.

When I’m asked if creativity, painting, drawing has always been with me, my first answer is “yes, but not really”. It wasn’t anything remarkable. It wasn’t valued. 

It felt like it just were small things, nothing noticeable. I was “just playing”.

I certainly didn’t identify as an artist.

My cousin painted watercolor scenes when we were teens. She was an artist in my eyes. 

My younger brother has been drawing since he could hold a pencil – my music schoolbook carries the trace of his 3-year olds first explorations to depict the fascinating tractors moving in our home village. He continuously developed his talent. He is an artist, (and a struggling one – but that’s another story).

My daughter draws amazingly since she’s about ten and I found tremendous pleasure to support her in her choice of art studies. She is an artist.

I’ve seen the artists all around me. But not in me. 


Can you relate to that feeling, that these qualities or abilities that you admire are in others around you, that these people are that, but not you? Weather it is about being an artist or a healer or an entrepreneur – or fill in the blank with your own flavor 😉.

As I made a big shift in my life in my early forties, leading me to leave my mechanical engineering career  to pursue more heart centered values through environmental and societal activism, at some point I needed support and worked with a therapist to help me.

It was 6 years ago and this was a turning point for me and my art expressions.

In one of our sessions, I was insisting that what I needed was to find a way to stand strong, big, tall and move more decisively. I was looping in that when my therapist asked me to pick a piece of paper in the size of my choice and some markers – I picked a big sheet of paper as I was convinced that what needed or wanted to be expressed was BIG. I grasped a black marker and began to draw a small round dot. I felt “there’s nothing more” and contemplated that little black dot, confounded after having argued that my need right now was to stand big and tall and outwardly expressive. … “there’s nothing else, no, there’s nothing else” I could hear in my head. I stoped for a few seconds, looked at this little black dot, feeling that there was nothing else than this little dark place I was so afraid to disappear into. I took it in, admitting that it was so.

And as I moved into acceptance of “that’s all there is right now”, something shifted in me and I felt: “and there is love out there”, tracing a little arc of red, “and warmth, and life” tracing two other arcs in red and green. 

This very simple drawing experience brought me out of my conditioned mind, into the now and connected me with where I actually was and what I needed: to allow myself to rest, go and stay inward a little while and to realize that this little dark hole I feared so much to disappear into was safe and secure, surrounded by love, warmth and life taking care of me while I was in there.

Have you ever caught yourself believing that you should be doing or feeling a certain way while you really needed rest and nurturing?

That was a profound experience me. It showed me how I could access deeper parts of myself, have a new relationship to my needs and my inner world. So I enthusiastically bought my first set of oil pastels crayons and began to intuitively play with colors and shapes.

I played with the symbol of the dot and the colors emerging around it and it became a series of drawings I called “Me and the Universe”

Some iterations of “Me and the Universe”

My 10y old son commented one day in one of my drawing sessions in the living room, on the floor in front of the sofa:

“You are enjoying it so much (to draw) that it doesn’t matter how it looks like in the end.”

My 10y-old son

I was so touched and proud of his sensitive insightfulness and felt so clearly seen.

That’s how drawing became an important source of connection to my inner world and joyful expression and exploration. A starting point of a rich journey with many twists and turns. More in coming posts 😊

What could you discover if you had a playful creative practice?
How could that support your wellbeing and balance your life?

Share in the comments!

And if you know that you want expand your creative powers in service of your joy and show up more fully in the world, book a Vision-Review call here.