Melting fears into flow

Here is a short video to show you different ways to move the energy of fear and let it flow again.

We have basically 4 ways to respond to fear:

1. fight – you express anger
2. Flee – you run away – physically or mentally
3. Freeze – you don’t move, hold your breath not to be discovered
4. Faint – you loose your energy, feel drained

When noticing that you are acting from fear, you can choose to loose this up with
1. Oozing- soft, undulating movements
2. Take a Sumo stand, grounded and stable
3. Shake your fingers, body, legs, letting your energy flow again
4. Scoop love toward the scary part of you.


Try, combine, breath and see what happens when you actively choose to move your fear.

How does it feel? Tell me!
Live well!

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