Dissolving fear

During a walk in a rocky track in the archipelago, as I began to feel hesitant and contracted, evaluating how to take the next step and avoid risk for falling or hurting myself, I rediscovered this tools and had a deepened insight into it.

We all have automatic responses to life and in this case when it comes to fear. And as we go through life we also get aware that these automated responses don’t serve us so well anymore but are more a restriction to how we can really live our lives.

Do the opposite

So the first tool is noticing – the fear and my automatic response. And in the case of contraction, tightening that makes it difficult and hard to move. When I notice that, I can make a new choice and do the opposite of freezing and tighten, by choosing to move softly, fluidly, in another part of my body then the one engaged in the action eliciting fear. And by moving softly that way, my body receives the signal that it’s safe to move, and can go back to its own intelligence without interference of the mind and smoothly do the next step, with ease, in it’s own knowing.

Back to body intelligence

So next time you notice your body contracting in a situation, allow yourself to move softly, oozing and discover how your body moves you forward with a new freedom to action.

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  • What’s your experience?
  • Let me know and write here in the comments.
  • Have a smooth moving day 😉
  • Melting fears into flow

    Here is a short video to show you different ways to move the energy of fear and let it flow again.

    We have basically 4 ways to respond to fear:

    1. fight – you express anger
    2. Flee – you run away – physically or mentally
    3. Freeze – you don’t move, hold your breath not to be discovered
    4. Faint – you loose your energy, feel drained

    When noticing that you are acting from fear, you can choose to loose this up with
    1. Oozing- soft, undulating movements
    2. Take a Sumo stand, grounded and stable
    3. Shake your fingers, body, legs, letting your energy flow again
    4. Scoop love toward the scary part of you.


    Try, combine, breath and see what happens when you actively choose to move your fear.

    How does it feel? Tell me!
    Live well!